Futuro’s career spans more than 10 years of music production and live performances.

Futuro is an electropop band, making music in Stockholm, Sweden since 2001. Members of Futuro are Daniel Ahlgren, Marcus Dennerstedt and Andreas Säfström. The band has released a number of EP:s and singles over the years, and are frequent performers on the Swedish electropop scene.

Previous gigs

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/futuromusic

Band website: http://www.futuromusic.com

Contact: info@futuromusic.com

”The name they came up with – Futuro – reflects an urge to capture the emotion of very important things in this life; Italian style and no retrospects whatsoever. All these things performed with a smile and a tear for there is no other way of saying such things. We are the future. …or figure it out for yourself.”

– The man on the roof (2006)

Andreas Säfström, member of Futuro

Andreas Säfström

Daniel Ahlgren, member of Futuro

Daniel Ahlgren

Marcus Dennerstedt, member of Futuro

Marcus Dennerstedt