An article in WIRED spurred Futuro’s inspiration for the the new single ”Epic hoax”. The article ”Dream Weaver” portrayed the excentric life style of start-up entrepreneur Hunter Lee Soik:

”…has vegan shakes for breakfast and lunch…has no computer…conducts business while walking in parks…lives out of temporarily rented homes…wears only black: five odor-resistant Nike T-shirts and three pairs of Levi’s, which he washes and air-dries”


The band is very fascinated by the lifestyle concept and think that Mr. Soik is on to something really interesting, regarding the ”real” world as an ”Epic Hoax”…

All info about Futuro’s ”Epic Hoax”release here

Hunter Lee Soik’s app Dream Weaver here

Futuro and friends took an inspirational trip to Manchester recently. In the footsteps of Joy Division, New Order, Morrissey, The Stone Roses and Oasis, the band gathered material for future releases. They also filmed scenes for an upcoming video, tentatively named ”Mirrors and smoke”.

Among the places visited were Salford Lads’ Club, Epping Walk bridge (pictured below), Chorlton Water Park (Mersey Paradise), Mr. Sifters, Southern Cemetry (Cemetry gates), Factory office, former site of The Hacienda, 384 Kings Road (Morrissey’s old house) and The Gallagher’s family home.

Big thanks to all Mancunians who made this happen. Good good double good.

joy division collage


The video for upcoming single ”Some Boys 2014” will be based on graphic design animations, in the great tradition of the ”lyric video”. The video and the single will be released in April, and here are some preview screenshots.

Here’s a top 5 of the lyric videos that inspired Futuro this time:

5. Vampire Weekend

4. Cee Lo Green

3. Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

2. David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj

1. Bob Dylan

A BBC documentary sparked Futuro’s fascination with automatons. It tells the story about the first robots, with lots of inspiring clips of mechanical masterpieces.

'The Writer,' a 240-year-old automaton in the form of a boy, created by Swiss clockmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz (1774), has about 6,000 parts and is programmable.

’The Writer,’ a 240-year-old automaton

Machines that can mimic living creatures was very long just a dream. Simon Schaffer takes us on a tour of some early mechanical wonders and shows us as an entire automatic city and a programmable boy who can both write and draw.

Link to full-length documentary (Swedish TV)

A clip available on Youtube: