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Supersize Everything_500px_black border

Track listing:
1. Panorama
2. A Puzzle Piece and a New Belief
3. Forever Delayed
4. Silence is the Answer



SELECTED MEDIA (December 3, 2014): Swedish electropop band Futuro releases EP ’Supersize Everything’


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Track listing: 1. Automaton

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SELECTED MEDIA : For the voted in democratic radio, Futuro – ”Automaton” (March 19, 2014): Swedish band Futuro releases new single ”Automaton” (March 8, 2014): Futuro – ”Automaton” : Futuro – Automaton (och en liten handskriven tillbakablick) 


Limited edition promo release for Sthlm Italo Disco Party 2014


1. Automaton (demo)

2. Some Boys 2014

      3. Ma, che se grullo? - Futuro

on_tv_220px1. On TV
2. Parabellum (live tech mix by Optic)

loss_single_220px1. The loss of an innocent life
2. Save me
3. The loss of an innocent life (Futuro remix)
4. The loss of an innocent life (ringtone)
5. The loss of an innocent life (Morphic Lab remix)

A release from Din Granne, Futuro’s side project (in Swedish).

The Rådmansö sessions by Din Granne (Futuro)1. Bubbelplast
2. Imorgon är allt
3. Drömmen om en bomb
4. På fel sida väggen


men_in_net_220px1. Another kind of deal
2. We are the future
3. Panorama
4. Letters from Laura
5. A puzzle piece and a new belief
6. News from a planet
7. Alone on the roof
8. Hollywood needs you
9. Forever delayed
10. Science & art

life-to-go_220px1. Letters from Laura
2. Life-to-go
3. Golden
4. Today
5. [hidden bonus track]

supersize_everything_220px1. Panorama
2. A puzzle piece and a new belief
3. Forever delayed
4. [hidden bonus track]

invent_perform_220px1. Invent/perform
2. Near-terminal
3. [untitled]
4. Hollywood needs you
5. Science & art