The release of the new Futuro EP is imminent. ”Supersize Everything” includes 4 tracks and will be available on Spotify, iTunes and the usual places in late November. It was released in an earlier version in 2002, but this time around the sound is completely reworked in cooperation with the experts at SoundLAB. It sounds great!

A video for ”Panorama” will also be released in November.

Track listing:
1. Panorama
2. A puzzle piece and a new belief
3. Forever delayed
4. Silence is the answer

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”Some boys 2014” is the new Futuro single. The video is released today, and the track will be available on Spotify, iTunes and other distributors later in September.

The track is a re-recording of a previous Futuro release, from 2012. ”It is only now we have had the knowledge and the equipment to do this song justice”, the band comments.

The video is inspired by classic lyric videos

The delayed and long-awaited release of ”Some Boys 2014” is approaching. The video will be released in September and shortly thereafter the newly recorded song will be made available everywhere, like Spotify and iTunes. Starting today, the old version of ”Some Boys,” from 2012, will be removed from all distribution partners.


”Automaton” was played on the show ”Radio Virus” on Radio Eskilstuna (Sweden) on May 24. Please have a listen, it is about 7 minutes into the show (link here).



In its first month since release, ”Automaton” has reached 1000+ plays on Spotify and 600+ views on YouTube.

This clip shows the celebration in the Futuro studio, robot-style! Thanks for the support, and please keep sharing.

Futuro have been joined in the studio by Calle Medin, who has added backing vocals on the new track ”That was our war”. Calle is a long-time friend of the band and an experienced musician from several band constellations in Stockholm. Futuro are very excited with the collaboration, stating that Calle’s vocals adds great sensitivity and poise to this ballad.  ”That was our war” is due for release later in 2014.


The new single from Futuro will be a re-recording of ”Some Boys”, released in its original version in 2010. The track has been completely updated, including new vocals. The track was recorded in Futuro’s studio in Stockholm, and mastered by SoundLAB.

”Some Boys 2014” will be available on Spotify, iTunes and other channels in April. A promo video will be released soon.

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The new single ”Automaton” is released today.



Watch the video here:

The track was written, recorded and mixed at Futuro’s studio in Stockholm, and mastered by SoundLAB.

”Automaton” was inspired by the mechanical wonders of automatons, and the video is a stop-motion production using a hand-made robot figure.

Media reactions to ”Automaton”: (Belgium) (Germany) (Sweden) (Russia)

Creative Mastermind (Swedish blogger) (Czech Republic)

To be released in March, the new Futuro single and video ”Automaton” is in the final stages of production.

The track was written, recorded and mixed at Futuro’s studio in Stockholm. The mastering was done by SoundLAB.

The song is inspired by the mechanical wonders of automatons, and the video is a stop-motion production using a hand-made robot figure.

Thanks for voting Futuro on the air on Berlin’s ”Liquid.Radio”. In the coming weeks they will rotate the forthcoming single ”Automaton” as well as the track ”The Decade (instrumental)” from the ”Days of Make Up EP”.


In October 2009, another German radio show – Dance Hall Days on Neurobeat Radio – highlighted Futuro and played three tracks:

  • Soon, I am no more
  • Forever delayed
  • Letters from Laura
      Listen to an edited version (8 min)



Big night at the Sthlm Italo Disco Party. Thanks to Sandra Westerholm, ItaLove, Tobias Bernstrup, Albert One, Fred Ventura, Brian Ice and all the others.

Futuro released a limited edition promo at the event; including new tracks ”Automaton” (demo version) and ”Ma, che se grullo?” along with 2014 version of Futuro classic ”Some Boys”.

Futuro sthlm italo disco party marcus dennerstedt andreas säfström daniel ahlgren

Futuro at Sthlm Italo Disco Party 2014